Your Kids Will Love You for These Top 10 Android Games

Your Kids Will Love You for These Top 10 Android Games
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As parents we usually teach our kids that most of the time we get what we pay for. When it comes to mobile app and games for kids, it’s a little different. There are a lot of fantastic free android kids games in the Google Pay store, but if you choose to spend a little money on some of these (and support the developer in the process) your kids will probably enjoy a better mobile gaming experience.

Top 10 Android Games

If you hunt a little harder, you can also find some quality indie game titles that are great fun to play. We’re making ita little easy for you though, with our pick of free and paid titles, from all sorts of genres – platformers/ runners, arcade, shooters, puzzle-match, and adventure/ sand box styles. Most of these are great for kids of various ages, though some may be appropriate for older children. Here is our pick of 10 great android games for kids!

1. Clash Royale,Free

No game list this year can be complete without this great mash-up of real time strategy, and card collecting genres. A regular at the top-grossing charts, the game has players battle opponents in single-screen arenas. A worthy successor to Clash of the Clans, it adds interesting new elements, and a deeply intertwined collection and upgrade system to keep players coming back for more.Clash Royaleis a freemium game, and there is always the temptation of in-app purchases.

2. Asphalt 8, Free

This successful franchise has always focused on fast, drift-happy racing action and this edition doesn’t stray too far from that formula. Players barrel around insane hyper-real city courses at breakneck speeds, and launch into the air with satisfying regularity.

This is not the ‘accurate racing simulator’ approach to racing games – the focus here is on pure, unadulterated fun, even though it stretches physics and reality. Pro-tip: The full download is almost 2gb, so use a Wi-Fi connection when you install it.

3. Pac-Man CE DX, $4.99

Best. Pac-Man. Game. Ever. This successor to the original Pac-Man Championship Edition is incredible. It’s official mobile version of the most loved arcade game of all time. Players use simple controls to travel through intense mazes, collecting dots and avoiding pesky ghosts.

Or, they can collect a power pellet and chase them down instead. It offers 10 zones with unique layouts, spread across 132 amazing levels. Players can choose from three different game modes: Score Attack, Time Trial, Ghost Combo.Download and play for sensory overload!

4. Minecraft – Pocket Edition,Free

There’s no doubt that a number of online articles have stressed upon the educational aspects of Minecraft – and we’re in agreement. A simplified comparison would probably be Lego, but Minecraft is also about puzzle solving and exploration as well. It’s a mix of RPG, adventure and strategy genres that has endeared itself to more than one generation. In survival mode, players mine deep into the world, crafting weapons and armor to protect against the dangerous mobs.

Younger kids can play in creative mode with unlimited resources to build whatever their imagination desires. So while Minecraft may also be educational, kids love it because as a game, it’s really good. That’s probably why adults love it too!

5. Monument Valley,$3.99

This is by far the most stunning and thoughtfully crafted puzzle game in recent years. Though it was an exclusive iOS title like many kids games, Android is now its home as well. Players guide a silent princess through beautiful monuments with impossible architecture that allows them to spin and drag components, creating new routes and revealing secret chambers and pathways.

The reflective background music and steady pace of the game make it a great overall experience. Highly recommended!

6. The Room – Three, $3.99

We’re not going indulge in spoilers for this game. All we can say is that the first two iterations of this game were definitely the best puzzle-type games we had played, offering a creepy yet brilliant story that encapsulated brain-popping puzzles. They took full advantage of the mobile interface, and the third edition goes even further. It’s a bigger game in terms of scale, but also in ambition – it’s one of the best games of the year, and one of the rare paid titles we would recommend!

7. Ridge Racer Slipstream, Free

There are games like Real Racing, that lean toward honest simulation and accurate in-game physics. Then there are ones like Asphalt 8, that are squarely in the crazy, reality-defying arcade genre. We’d like to think that Ridge Racer Slipstream sits at the middle of that table. However, like it’s coin-operated precursors, the primary focus of the game is still to drive at insane speeds, and have fun. What this means is that if players drive like a nutcase, they won’t win races. At the same time, hyper-reality isn’t the point of the game either.

So you drive like a you’re only partly crazy, drifting through turns with full opposite-lock, slipstreaming your opponents and nitro-boosting past them at the last moment. Visuals are great, sounds are well modulated and the controls are pretty responsive. A nice, well rounded package.

8. Threes, $2.99

The formula may be simple, but the execution is fantastic. Players have a four-by-four grid with sliding tiles that they can combine with another tile to add up their numbers. The premise is to keep playing and sliding the tiles into one another to get to the magic number of 2048. Brilliant music, sound effects and minimalist presentation are the standout features.

By far the most copied game in the past few years, it’s surprising that a game of numbers is so popular. A review says that it would take 30 seconds of your time to wrap your head around the rules, and before you knew it, two hours would go by playing. Search for this title by name, and don’t download a clone.

9. SpellTower, $1.99

We love this game! It starts out simple enough – a word game where letters tiles in a column can be removed by sliding out words, and the surrounding tiles keep falling to the bottom. Players score when no more words can be made. But that’s not the end of it! This unlocks a new mode that’s something of a cross between Boggle and Tetris.

In seconds, players are frantically battling to make more words and remove letters before the rising pile of tiles hits the top. Download it for your kids if they like word games

10. Bean Dreams, Free

This platform game seems to be simple at first, with a jumping bean that you guide right or left. The controls are ideal for touch screens, instead of messing around with a frustrating virtual D-pad. The gameplay is simple – jump monsters, collect fruit and gems, but that’s where this game gets sneaky.

There are missions that can’t be completed on a single run, or where the bounce count is fixed, or finding pets, or collecting all the fruit – you get the idea. It may seem reductive, but the game makes player focus on timing, exploration and learning the levels.

Your Kids Will Love You for These Top 10 Android Games
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