Magical Hair Salon: Girl Makeover

Magical Hair Salon: Girl Makeover
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Enjoy your cool games for girls with kids games for girls where you can find many lovely and funny girl games. And for whom would like to be a makeup artist and hairdresser must play Magical Hair Salon: Girl Makeover

Description of cool games for girls – Magical Hair Salon

There are two modes in the cool games for girls: Competition Mode and Free Mode. Your main mission in this girl game is to cut, dye, and make hairstyle in any way you want. You also can use a variety of styling tools – from simple combs and scissors to curling irons and straighteners.

The cool games for girls offer a cute character to you, she will tell you what she wants, to help her make up a princess!

First, wash and dry hair, then you can cut the hair, color, bend or straighten the hair. If you make mistakes and cut too much hair, do not worry! Just use the gel development hair and you can repair any random hair.

Next, you can be more creative by using colored hair dye or hair decorations to make your customers happier, let them look like a princess!

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cool games for girls

Cool games for girls –  Customers are looking for a new hairstyle and you are the one who gives them the hair of their dreams

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In this best cool games for girls, each level you can unlock a different hair tool, and buy a lot of hair decorations for your customers. If you do not have enough money, make money by playing mini-games. We prepared a lot of mini-games to make money.

In the FREE mode of this games for kids, you can use all the hair tools that you have seen in level competition mode. No rules, no competition, just cut the hair for girls. Just do your hairstyle as your imagination,

Features of SALON HAIR:

  • A real hair dryer to create any look you want
  • Styling tools like scissors, straight hair, curling iron and hot air brush
  • Dozens of hair color, cut hairstyle
  • Fun accessories to complete the make-up put a smile on the face!
  • Miniature games for you to make money
  • Unlimited gameplay mode

I can not wait to see your great art in this cool games for girls! Come and enjoy this shining hair salon, This Magic Hair Salon!

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Magical Hair Salon: Girl Makeover
5 (100%) 2 votes

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