5 Best PC Games for Kids in 2017

5 Best PC Games for Kids in 2017
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2017 has been an amazing year for video games across all platforms, but with the likes of Destiny 2 and Assassins Creed: Origins being big hits with all the attention, it is sometimes hard to see which games released this year are suitable for children.

Kids games this year have been spoilt for choice, both from AAA developers as well as indies. Whether it is platformers or puzzlers, there have been some great titles released this year for younger gamers.

5 Best PC Games for Kids in 2017

5 Best PC Games for Kids in 2017

Being a parent of young children, I know what kinds of games my kids and their friends like, so based on this, I have selected 10 PC games that I think your kids will love as well. These are games that will test and excite younger and older kids alike, so there is something for everyone!

Snake Pass

Released early in 2017 was beautiful physics-based puzzle-platformer Snake Pass from British developer Sumo Digital. In Snake Pass, you play as a snake called Noodle, and with the help of his hummingbird friend, Doodle, you need to move around various locations collecting gate gems to progress to the next level. That’s it. The premise of the game is to collect items to move on.

There are no enemies, no fighting, no dialogue, and no other characters to interact with. This makes it an ideal game for kids because they just get to complete the puzzles and get instant gratification in doing so. Yes, the movements might be a bit taxing for younger players, but once they start thinking like a slithering snake, it makes it easier to move.

In addition to being available on PC via Steam, Snake Pass is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

LEGO Worlds

We couldn’t have a list of great PC games for kids without having a building game on the list somewhere. Since the obvious one has been out for many years now, it couldn’t be included, so we turn to the ultimate building franchise for this slide.

LEGO Worlds was released at the beginning of the year and brings everything you’d expect from a LEGO building game. The game features an open world with procedurally generated environments that you can fully manipulate. Kids can build whatever they can imagine by either moving things brick by brick or by using a prefabricated building and then customizing it.

LEGO Worlds is currently available on Steam for PC as well as on PS4 and Xbox One.


What do you mean I can’t include Cuphead on a list for kids? Alright, it isn’t really suitable for younger kids, but I still think it is OK for older ones. I agree that it isn’t an easy game. Having put in numerous hours and still not really gotten anywhere, I can attest to its difficulty, but as with anything, practice makes perfect and, yes, I think older kids can get to grips with it.

The animation in the game is amusing and very well done, and if kids watch retro cartoons on certain kid’s TV channels, there is nothing really that they haven’t seen before.

Cuphead is currently available on Steam for PC and also available on Xbox One.


This little gem of an indie fighting game is a fun way of bringing the genre to kids. While consoles have had a cartoon-type fighter for many years, there don’t seem to be many out on PC, so Brawlout is a welcomed addition.

The concept of a fighting game is pretty self-explanatory, but this game adds platforms to the mix, making the gameplay a bit more dynamic and fast-paced. Each character has its own unique playstyle such as a Nordic-looking Walrus-type character who uses ice attacks to freeze people in place or a Porcupine character who uses electric shocks to stun.

Brawlout is currently available on Steam for PC.

Sonic Forces
There have a number of Sonic releases this year, but for this list, we are recommending the most recent, Sonic Forces. The titular character has long been one of the characters associated with games, and kids love him! In this new game, you and Sonic have to save the world from Dr Eggman and a new villain called Infinite by bringing together an army to defeat them.

Sonic Forces brings back the much-loved platforms mechanics from previous games as well as adding some 3D action in for good measure. One of the big drawing points of the game is the fact that players get to create their own character to join Sonic on his missions.

The game is currently available on Steam for PC but is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

A Hat in Time
Since its release in October, A Hat in Time has done incredibly well, gaining an overwhelmingly positive reception on Steam. Just from looking at the animation and storyline, you can see that this is a good game for kids! Plus, a game that has a kid as its main character is a nice way of getting kids interested in the game. If it weren’t for a couple of cases of bad language, this game would have a universal rating.

The game follows the adventures of a space-traveling little girl who has a love of hats. As she explores new worlds in order to retrieve some missing items, she gets to craft new hats with different abilities to help her out such as a witch’s hat that allows her to cook potions.

A Hat in Time is currently available on Steam for PC and Mac.

5 Best PC Games for Kids in 2017
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