Mila’s Magic Shop

Mila’s Magic Shop
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Magic games free is a fun arcade game on that we would like to introduce to you all over the world, it will not let you down.

Mila’s Magic Shop – Magic games free

Welcome to the fun game we want to send to you – game Mila’s Magic Shop. Games with fun will surely make your leisure time more comfortable. By participating in this game, your mission is to help Mali manage her business by selling magical items to witches, archers and wives. There are total of 14 levels, each level has coin targets for players to reach in limited time. Players will have a whole day of work with fun. Try to meet all your needs. Remember that you need to open the cashier to get the coins or the customer will fall off without paying. Speed ​​is one of the key elements in this game to upgrade your level. In Magic games free you need to use skills to overcome all the challenges. Take the game and show us now! Good luck and have fun!

Game features game Mila’s Magic Shop:

– This game comes with beautiful interface and design.

– Many challenges are given to players.

– Suitable for players of all ages.

– Limited time to make the game more challenging.

– Free to play.

– Compatible with all devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, Window phone and all desktop browsers.

How to play game Mila’s Magic Shop:

– On the computer, use the mouse to play.

– On mobile, touch the screen to play.

Some screenshots from the game:

Magic games free

When entering the game Mila’s Magic Shop you just click the “play now” button to start the game

Magic games free

There are 14 levels in the game

Magic games free

Each level has a target about coin for players to reach in limited time

Magic games free

Try to meet all customer’s needs

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Mila’s Magic Shop
4.8 (95%) 4 votes

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