Super Phantom Cat 2

Super Phantom Cat 2
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Brand new fun kids games for boys! Super Phantom Cat 2 is very exciting and fun games for kids

Super fun games for kids – Super Phantom Cat 2

Super Phantom Cat 2 is a cute and charming games for kids about a super cat named Ari. In this fun games for kids, his sister, Ina, has been kidnapped and taken to the Phantom world, and now it’s your job to guide Ari through a colorful world

In the way to rescue Ina, Ari have to face a lot dangerous enemies who have super powers and allies. Don’t be worry, Ari is not a normal cat – he is very determined and focused super cat.

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Fun games for kids – Super-scary enemies, super powers, allies and hidden secrets await Ari in the Phantom worls

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In this fun free games for kids, to save Ina and defeat enemies, he can possess the best Phantom superpowers like:

  • Bounce higher and higher to reach for the sky and stars.
  • Float on balloons into the Wild Woods and Alps.
  • Break walls, stone, and metal.
  • Shrink and enlarge monsters with the touch of a finger.
  • Turn irritating critters into ice statues.
  • Shift to invincible mode if danger still prevails.

Play as one of many characters in this fun games for kids

Also, in this online games, there are 15 unlockable characters, ranging from rock band members to scientists. These characters in this fun games for kids are revealed over time and then require additional character “fragments” which you collect through gameplay before the characters can become playable.

Some popular characters

  • The lead singer and guitarist of a band.
  • A dancer who plays pranks and dresses up as a skeleton.
  • A pink-haired magician who is a master of cards.
  • A funky teen skater obsessed with extreme sports.
  • An adventurous cowboy always on a lookout for treasure.
  • And champions from Mushroom stomping, Juice blending and Cuteness competitions.
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Fun games for kids – Various character are waiting to be unlocked

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Over time, a Base also opens up so you can invest your coins and diamonds into buildings where you can then generate consumable boosters such as health elixirs or keys to help you in your adventure.

Tips to play well fun games for kids – Super Phantom Cat 2

  • Get to level 4 as soon as possible!
  • Use your powers often!
  • Choose the right hero!
  • Read those little messages!

Overall, fun games for kid online – Super Phantom Cat 2 offers a lot of free gameplay, with some complexity that elevates it from basic platformer to more robust experience. The appealing graphics and the cool soundtrack make the game feel updated while still nodding to its 80s inspirations.

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Super Phantom Cat 2
5 (100%) 1 vote

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