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BLUK is an simple but also hard to control free online games for kids. However, this kids games for boys is really addictive

Description of free online games for kids – BLUK

BLUK is a free online games for kids where you control a single block with magical abilities. If you’re a fan of skill-based games, then Bluk is one that you should check out.

The first thing you’ll notice about Bluk is its lovely graphics and excellent sound design. The online game looks to draw inspiration from popular puzzler Monument Valley, but it’s more of an homage than a cheap copy.

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Free online games for kids – Follow the doted line and jump to the sweet spot

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This best free online games for kids provides you with a trusty little dotted line that predicts your trajectory to an extent. You can expand, retract, or rotate the guide by sliding your finger around the screen.

You get a point for landing on the pillar, but if you manage to sneak your block into a white square, you earn extra, and that bonus stacks if you keep the chain going.

It’s still difficult, but it won’t break your soul with frustration

The levels in BLUK – free online games for kids are procedurally generated, so you’re presented with a new challenge each time you die. This makes it impossible to memories a level, but you will eventually get a feel for the ups and downs from pillar to pillar.

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There’s a nice bit of progression thrown into the mix in this free online games for kids. The game has a series of worlds to unlock. They will present you with progressively more difficult challenges, like pillars that start to fall over after you jump off of them.

free online games for kids

Free online games for kids – Jump better with new abilities

You’ll need to find fresh ways to surmount these fresh obstacles, keeping this games for kids from growing too stale. You can also unlock runes which grant you new abilities to help you jump better.

Bluk is a fun free online games for kids designed with care and love. It is trying fresh and interesting things, so it’s well worth a shot.

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