Cannon Basketball 3

Cannon Basketball 3
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The new basketball games – Cannon Basketball 3 is the next level of Cannon Basketball 1 and 2. This online game promise will bring you the best basketball game ever.

The new basketball games – Play Cannon Basketball 3 now

Welcome to on the fun addictive sports game-Cannon Basketball 3. This new basketball games is more than you think: entertainment, very interesting, the opportunity to spend free time and release the pressure. In particular, the difficulty of the cannon basketball unblocked is increasing, so get a high score in the first attempt and the player has the opportunity to have a chance to overcome their achievements every day is not easy.

Cannon Basketball 3 – new basketball games features high-quality, lovely color interface and realistic sound that will definitely make the player feel relaxed and the best experience. Learn how to play it is not difficult but to conquer all the levels are really hard. Try it and show us what you’ve accomplished! Ẹn

The game features of the new basketball games

  • Free HTML5 new basketball games to play.
  • Colorful graphics, smooth animation, and vivid sound.
  • Colorful interface.
  • Suitable for players of all ages.
  • Compatible with all devices: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Windows Phone, Android device and all desktop browsers.

How to play Cannon Basketball 3 game:

  • Use the mouse to play on the computer.
  • On the move, play on the touchscreen.
  • Use the mouse to aim at the shotgun. Move your mouse further to make a more powerful shot from the cannon. Use the new guide to get a ball into the net for a few tries possible!
  • Play this new basketball games and help children to be smart with their hands and improve their logical thinking. In addition, this game also helps children explore the world more.

Some screenshots from the Cannon Basketball 3 game:

new basketball games

New basketball games – Free online Cannon basketball 3

cannon basketball 3

There are total 30 levels to complete

new basketball games

The further you aim, the stronger the shot

new basketball games

Good luck with the game

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Cannon Basketball 3
5 (100%) 2 votes

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