Candy games for kids online – New game guides for new members

Candy games for kids online – New game guides for new members
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Candy games for kids online is designed with cute sweet candy images, simple but interesting gameplay. The number of rich screen, the system of five types of tasks are arranged alternately will always create new players.

Tips to help you through the easy screen candy games

candy games for kids online

Candy games for kids online for PC and mobile phones

Here are 8 small tips to help you easily overcome the challenges of Candy Crush Game offline:

1) Capture the terrain:

Before the start of the game, you should look closely at your game’s “terrain”, if you feel this game places the little combo candy. Difficulty can be high scores or complete assigned tasks. You either exit the game or re-enter the game because the game will only be alive when you have moved at least one turn.

2) Through the table with the least number of turns possible:

When you are about to finish the game but there are plenty of moves to go. Then you should go all the way and complete the mission, so you will get higher scores. As you finish, there are lots of moves that turn into striped candy or jelly fish to add to your score. If there are too many striped candy and jelly fish they will effectively overlap and not create many high scores.

candy games for kids online

Play table pictures are familiar with colorful candy

3) Master the move:

Many tables have very few moves, which require quite a lot of work, so you have to do a proper calculation to make the combo of the candy. The more combo points you will get, the easier it will be to complete the quest.

4) Do not follow the hints:

Suggestions will come up if you do not move a candy for a while, but it’s a coincidence, not the best way to move. So many times when you follow the suggestion you will ruin the candy can create combo or can end the mission screen.

candy games for kids online

Candy Crush games bring hundreds of attractive levels to unlock gradually

5) Do not rush to get your friends to play:

Candy is very interactive so you can send friends free gifts like +3 move or life. But Candy just keep up to 5 lives so when you get the network is donated from your friends please accept that off that window. When you lose a network, click on the battery icon while playing to get more network from your friends.

6) Send many gifts and invite many friends:

Each day Candy will allow you to send a certain number of gifts to your friends. Including extra move (+3 move) and 1 life, so send a gift to your friends, and you will be sent back. The more players you play, the more you have the gift, the easier for you to conquer Candy games for kids online.

candy games for kids online

The new combination creates a Swedish fish when stacking 4 candy in square shape

7) Eat time left there are 5 networks:

After the network is out, you can set the time on your phone or iPad for fast passing time, then resume the game. This can be said to be a bug in the game but I do not support so much because anyway waiting is also an interesting game.

8) Rational use of support items:

After each chap is a new challenge and will have more items to support you through the chap. Usually Candy will give you 3 items to try it. Use them when only one step is to complete the task but you do not have enough moves to complete. Also you can buy more items in Candy’s shop.

candy games for kids online

Player rankings are highly ranked to compete against friends worldwide

Just keep in mind that you will be more than ready to explore candy games for kids online, and have a good time in the pink candy world.

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Candy games for kids online – New game guides for new members
5 (100%) 2 votes

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